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The Totally Chappers Webcast Returns Sunday 11th March 2012 @ 8pm UK Time!

Totally Chappers is back live on Sunday 11th March at 8pm, streaming through your internet radios, mobile phones, Apple devices or just your regular computer speakers.
You can listen live via the Live Webcast page right here on
All the contact details to take part in the show remain the same.
Peter Chapman's Blog
Peter Chapmans BlogWhen not doing shows, Peter Chapman puts down his thoughts in his blog. Some have said that he's the UK's answer to Perez Hilton, difference being that the Black Eyed Pea's don't want to thump Chappers, well not yet anyway!
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Iain Lee's Pocket Sized Podcast

iTunes Domination
Totally Chappers iTunes
The mark of any good podcast is placement in the iTunes top one hundred. We were once 37th for comedy and would like to be higher! Show your support for the Totally Chappers Podcast by Subscribing for free on iTunes.

Totally Chappers Answerphone
Answerphone MessagesThe Totally Chappers Answerphone messages have always been a big part of the show, if you can't take part live or have a flash of creativity, call us up and leave yout contribution, to get an idea of the sort of messages people leave, Listen to the best of the answerphone messages
Latest Podcast
Totally Chappers Podcast
Totally Chappers Podcast episode 24 was released on Monday 12th September 2011.
In this edition of the podcast a special guest host reveals that Chappers' disappearance has been a national news story. Also on the show Alan Caddick tells us about his bit to become a national reality TV star,, Randy Lawford reveals a mishap while out shopping and we discuss celbrity stalking.
Download The Totally Chappers Podcast ep 24 now!

Iain Lee Soundboard
Answerphone MessagesHours of sifting through many hours of Iain Lee's Absolute Radio shows has resulted in the compilation of this soundboard. It's so advanced that you can pull off actual conversaions with it.
Play around with the Iain Lee Soundboard

NEW for February 16th
- The Totally Chappers Facebook group has been replaced with a Facebook page. If you were a member of the Totally Chappers group, you will need to like the new page instead. Simply click like below...
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