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The Totally Chappers Webcast was first broadcast on 14th September 2008 by Peter Chapman from the spare bedroom of his mother's house.

Engulfed in a jungle of wires and technology, Peter stammered his way to a sixty minute broadcast, joined by his fellow internet radio fans via Skype who called in to support this bold new venture.

With no set topics and a lack of on-air ego, Peter was happy to take a back seat and let the callers come on and take the shows in whichever direction they chose.

Early contributors included Alan Caddick from Birmingham, Gary Redrup from Catford, Ian Watkins from Mansfield and the man who would go on to help propel Totally Chappers into the spotlight, Eduardo!

The show was gathering pace but more listeners were needed. An aggressive advertising movement was set in motion, Jon Wells of Redditch led the way with calls to both Iain Lee and Tommy Boyd. Eduardo also battled Tommy Boyd, whilst others got to work on spreading the word on forums and social networking sites.

With download numbers rising, the Iain Lee community jumped on board with talk radio heavyweights Paul Harding and Rob Burnett adding an extra dimension of entertainment to the shows, most notably via the Totally Chappers answerphone.

The hard work that went into the Totally Chappers Webcast was rewarded when the show entered the highly competitive iTunes comedy podcast chart. In late December, the show peaked at number 37, higher than many offerings from commercial radio stations. Bedroom Radio in the UK was firmly placed on the map!

As the shows progressed, Eduardo became co-host and even more callers joined in the fun including The Merchant, Shauny Turner, Elmo, Dude Love, Seismorg, Randy Lawford, Happy Tree, Fat Steve, Gary in Luton and a young lady proclaiming herself to being Top Gears biggest fan.

After 20 shows and nearly 10,000 downloads, the webcast took a break to take stock of what they had achieved, to plan for the future, and of course, enjoy the summer evenings.

The team have popped up with infrequent shows during their break, but come September, Totally Chappers will be back, recharged, and once again ready to get people talking.


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