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Free money from the Totally Chappers Webcast

Ladies and Gentleman. How does £5 for very little work sound?
The bank of Eduardo is giving away 5 for each call made to a radio station, advertising the Totally Chappers Webcast. We are looking for calls made to national radio stations, and local BBC stations.

To get paid, you need to record your radio appearance, and email the audio clip to
If you are unable to record your appearance but are aware that the footage is available online, please provide us with the details and we shall attempt to capture the footage ourselves.

We shall only pay out one £5 note for each station that is hit with a Totally Chappers Webcast advertisement. Get in quick to make sure that you are the first to advertise on your favoured stations.
Each participant is eligible to earn a maximum of £15.

Radio stations and their phone numbers:
BBC Radio One --- 0370 0100100 BBC Radio Two --- 0370 0100200
BBC Radio Four --- 0370 0100444 BBC Radio Five --- 0370 0100500
Absolute Radio --- 020 76630177 Kerrang - 0121 6007900
LBC --- 020 72212276 TalkSport --- 08717 223344
BBC Radio London - 020 7224 2000 BBC SCR --- 08459 570057
Full list of local BBC Radio Stations --


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